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Guaranteed Christmas 2023 order/delivery dates

As this year comes to an end, demand for our traditional cast iron radiators remains extremely high. However, because of continued investment over the past few years, our lead times remain short which means you can still order for pre-Christmas delivery.

Our ‘Live Order Lead Time’ system shown on the website when placing your orders will give you up to date accurate information regarding when your order will be despatched so that you can plan for your orders arrival.

Pre-Christmas order cut-off dates

Radiator/Pallet deliveries: The anticipated last date that we can receive orders to guarantee a pre-Christmas delivery will be Monday 11th December 2023 with the last date for when deliveries will take place being Friday 22nd December 2023. If you do not require your order until the New Year, please indicate this in the comments box at checkout and we will despatch accordingly. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DATE MAY CHANGE, SO PLEASE ORDER BEFORE 11TH DECEMBER TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT.

Accessory only/DPD deliveries: The last date that we can receive orders to guarantee a pre-Christmas delivery will be 10.00am on Wednesday 20th December 2023 with delivery being booked for Thursday 21st December 2023.

Any orders placed after the cut-off date cannot be guaranteed to be despatched prior to Christmas, but if we are able to do so we will do.

For further updates, please see our news feed on our website and social media feeds in the run up to Christmas.

Finally, thank you to all customers and your positive reviews.

Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

The Cast Iron Radiator Centre Team

(8th December 2023)

Courier delivery update

Due to unprecedented demand on courier services nationally, we are being informed by DPD that they are experiencing delays to some postcodes.

Please see the DPD Service Disruption page to check if your postcode is affected.

DPD are advising that there may be a delay of between 24-48hr. This is due to the strike action taken by the Royal Mail and DPD being used as an alternative.

DPD will advise customers of any delay and you will be able to view impacted parcels on your MyDPD Local dashboard when your order has been despatched. In some cases, we may not be able to despatch your order until advised by DPD.

Apologies for this and we are sure you appreciate this is something that is out of our control.

The Cast Iron Radiator Centre Team

(12th December 2022)

In Memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Following the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II and the government’s announcement that the 19th of September will now be a bank holiday, we wanted to inform you that as a mark of respect, Cast Iron Radiator Centre will be closed Monday 19th September. We will be open as normal from 20th September.

Please also note that our courier, DPD, will also be closed for the bank holiday so any orders placed after 10am Friday 16th September will be despatched Wednesday 21st September for delivery the following day, Thursday 22nd September.

The Cast Iron Radiator Centre Team

(16th September 2022)

Interest free payments to make your purchase a little easier...

At Cast Iron Radiator Centre, we have now introduced interest free payment terms through our partnership with PayPal.

On all purchases between the value of £30 & £2000, you will now have the option to ‘Pay in 3’, that is spreading the cost of your order over 3 consecutive monthly instalments ALL interest free and handled through PayPal direct, so you know you have the back up of a company you can trust.

For further information, you will see links on each of our product pages and the basket page, or click here, and when this is an option for you, our site will show you the monthly instalments.

We hope that this will help you plan your projects more easily and make our traditional radiators and accessories even more affordable.

The CIRC Team

(4th August 2022)

Cast iron radiators vs. modern steel radiators

A common question we get when we speak to our customers is ‘are cast iron radiators more efficient than modern radiators?’.

Well, in short yes, and for various reasons.

Modern steel radiators may heat up slightly quicker, but they tend to create a sudden burst of heat, whereas our radiators will heat your room over a slightly longer period to ensure your desired ambient temperature does not fluctuate up and down greatly.

As cast iron radiators have a slightly higher carbon content (usually 2.5% to 4.0% content) compared to modern steel radiators (approx. 0.02% to 2.1%), means that our radiators will be able to retain their heat much better than steel over a longer period.

This has the benefit that our cast iron radiators will continue to conduct heat for longer after your boiler has been turned off compared to modern steel radiators, making them more energy efficient and cheaper to run!

Another positive is that there is also the possibility if all (or majority) of radiators on your system were cast iron, the water returning to your boiler from these radiators will be warmer compared to that from steel radiators. This potentially will mean less energy is required to reheat the water to the required temperature before recirculating around your heating system increasing the efficiency for your system as a whole.

And finally… In our humble opinion, our cast iron radiators just simply look better!

The CIRC Team

(23rd May 2022)

March 2022 update...

We hope that all our customers, both new and returning, are well and are able to start to put the events of the pandemic behind them slowly.

These past few years have been challenging for everyone of all ages, walks of life, personally and in business.

We have seen that it has brought the best out of people at times by showing their adaptability and determination to carry on, but as a business, it has also brought its own challenges with major disruption to our supplies at times (not now though!) and general price increases across ALL aspects of our business.

With this in mind and after long deliberations we will reluctantly have to increase our pallet delivery charges nominally by £10 with effect from 1st March 2022.

This nominal increase will be the first rise in what we charge for our nationwide pallet service in over 7 years so we believe that, although it is not what our customers want to hear, it will mean that the delivery service we offer will continue to offer the best customer service and customer notifications available. We know cheaper alternative delivery companies are available, however, our experience over the past 17 years means we don’t and won’t accept a compromise in the quality of what we offer our customers and that includes our delivery service.

Please remember that our lead times remain just 5-7 working days to despatch, this combined with the best prices for our radiators online still does mean we do offer the best value and customer service.

The CIRC Team

(1st March 2022)

Lead Times just 5 - 7 working days!

In our 2nd week back since the Christmas break, we hope that you managed to enjoy your break and managed to stay healthy despite the ongoing Covid issues!

Here at the Cast Iron Radiator Centre, we have been working extremely hard and have managed to get our lead time down to just 5 – 7 working days from order placed to despatch.

This incredible feat has been achieved by our strategy and production teams continuing to make great improvements in our ordering and production processes and still ensuring our customers get the best quality products in the shortest time possible.

Any changes in the lead times will be automatically adjusted by our website, so even if it changes, you will know before you order when we will be despatching your order regardless so you can book your heating engineer.

If you have any questions or need any advice, please always free to email us and we will be happy to help.

The CIRC Team

(12th January 2022)

Lifestyle images on our Instagram account - @castironradiatorcentre

Here at CIRC we are often asked for help from our customers on styles and finishes etc. when choosing their new Cast Iron Radiators and accessories.

We know that all projects, big and small, have their own idiosyncrasies, but one question we get asked more than most is if we have a picture of a specific style and size radiator in one of the colours we offer. Obviously, we can’t supply images in every style, colour and size combination on the website as the number of images required would be too large, and may hinder the easy online ordering process we have developed for you.

However, this is where our Instagram account and in particular the tagged pictures - @castironradiatorcentre comes into its own.

We have kindly been tagged into 1000s of pictures by our customers, not only showing off their hard work and project’s progress, but also our beautiful radiators and accessories in situ.

These images are a wonderful way to see our radiators and accessories in various lifestyle situations, but just as important, they also offer a fantastic opportunity to get inspiration for your own projects, not just around radiators, but all sorts of design ideas which can save you time hopefully!

We are followed by some great informative accounts, who not only showcase our products because they want to, but offer up tips on how they approach DIY tasks, design rooms and space or simply just like what we have supplied.

Please take a look for yourself and if you see something or read something you that helps you, like and comment to let the account know and share it! It's how the social community continues to move forward and help others.

The CIRC Team

(21st October 2021)

August 2021 update...

As things start to unlock in the UK and restrictions ease, we are seeing some green shoots of hope that things are trying to get back to some sort of normality.

This may be the case with many service sectors and we are seeing great demand for our products across the board, but at present, freight and in particular UK haulage is still facing extremely challenging times all of which is being well documented in the news.

These challenges have a knock-on effect for all sorts of business and ours is not immune.

We have been informed this morning by our pallet delivery partner (Mobile PPL) that there is a temporary service suspension to the BH, SP and PO (Mainland only, PO1 to PO22) postcode areas through the Pallet Network. This will cause some delays to deliveries in this area for a short period, but is being reviewed regularly until normal service is resumed.

Pallet Track is the final network to suspend any services to any area in the country. Unfortunately, the situation in the above postcodes has reached a point whereby the depots that deliver in these postcodes are unable to take in any more freight until they have cleared their backlogs. This situation has been caused by growth in domestic holidaying and increased requirements at southern ports.

Due to international and UK freight and haulage in a state of flux and the issues being beyond our control, we are sorry if you are affected in any way by this or other glitches, but are happy to update you if you email us via the website.

The CIRC Team

(11th August 2021)

Price rise from Monday 14th June 2021

Dear Customer (both old and new),

Here at CIRC, we pride ourselves on being the best value in the market for our cast iron radiators whilst at the same time exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality and customer service.

As you will already be aware from various media reports over the past several months, our industry, like many others, has seen significant increases in costs, due to a combination of the impact of Covid, international and domestic freight and the supply of raw materials. This has led to a substantial increase in our costs!

Since August 2017, (the last time we had an across-the-board price rise for our cast iron radiators) we have absorbed all cost increases, but we now have to address this in order to maintain the high levels of service across our whole business whilst being transparent with you.

However, DON’T PANIC!

Although our prices for our cast iron radiators will need to increase, the rise will be very modest.

Importantly, it will still ensure we continue to offer you the best prices online for both primed and top coated radiators.

At present, our valves and accessories will not be affected.

We are all hoping that the volatility we have seen over the past year will slowly ease and that life starts to get back to some sort of normality and prices begin to stabilise.

We will continue to review the prices offered regularly as we recognise our commitment to offer the best prices to our new and existing customers.

The new prices will come into effect from Monday 14th June 2021.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

The CIRC Team

(10th June 2021)

New live lead time feature now showing on website!

In order to be able to give all our customers for our bespoke cast iron radiators, we have introduced a new feature on our website, the Live Lead Time to Despatch feed.

This now means that instead of being given a guestimate of how long your order will take to despatch like other websites and then being let down at the last minute, what you see on our website is what you can expect.

To be able to produce the same quality of traditional radiators, the volume of orders we receive will dictate the despatch lead time which will be shown when you are on our site.

Please remember, unlike the majority of companies selling cast iron radiators who act as middle men and just sell on others products, we control the whole process and build, pressure test, paint and despatch all our radiators to order from our own factory.

We are sure our new feature will help you plan your project and provide better certainty for your delivery.

The CIRC Team

(6th May 2021)

Order Update – February 2021

Due to ongoing congestion at ALL UK ports as the result of the COVID-19 lag in container orders in the autumn/winter of last year and continued social distancing restrictions, unfortunately, in the short term, some of our lead times are having to be increased slightly to take into account the time it is taking to receive our stock.

It’s not all doom and gloom as we are advised by our various freight agents that there is some light at the end of the tunnel in terms of flow through our ports improving over the coming months.

However, in the meantime, until normal operations return to the ports, we will endeavour to complete all orders as soon as we can and keep you updated with any changes. So please try to plan when you need to place your order so that our lead times are in line with your project schedules.

The CIRC Team

(16th February 2021)

Guaranteed Christmas 2020 delivery dates!

Despite this being such a strange year and that now there may be a little light at the end of the tunnel, demand for our traditional cast iron radiators has been fantastic!

Although we have all been through so much change March this year, many of you still seem to be forging on with your projects both big and small!

Due to the measures that we have prioritised to ensure the safety of our staff and also some staff having to self-isolate at times as a precautionary measure on advice of the Track and Trace system, we continue to use our daily quota system.

This is to make sure we can meet your expectations on lead times and still offer the excellent customer service and quality radiators we have become renowned for.

In view of this we have set the following cut-off dates:

Radiator/Pallet deliveries: The last date that we can receive orders to guarantee a pre-Christmas delivery will be Thursday 26th November 2020 with the last date for delivery being Wednesday 23rd December 2020.

Accessory only/DPD deliveries: The last date that we can receive orders to guarantee a pre-Christmas delivery will be Wednesday 23rd December 2020 with the last date for delivery being Thursday 24th December 2020.

Any orders placed after the cut-off date cannot be guaranteed to be despatched prior to Christmas.

If you do not require your order until the New Year, please indicate this in the comments box at checkout.

For any further updates, please see our news feed and social media feeds in the run up to Christmas for any additional changes.

Please continue to keep safe!

The CIRC Team

(13th November 2020)

Coronavirus Update – October 2020

Following on from recent developments in terms of Covid-19 and reports on the news due to the increased number of positive cases, our showroom remains closed to the public at this time.

We continue to operate a daily sales quota which when reached, renews at midnight each day.

Therefore, there may be times when you cannot place an order online on that particular day – If this is the case, you can and should try to place your order the following day.

We have not taken this decision lightly, but it is one made with the well-being and safety of our staff in mind as well as in the best interests of our customers.

More details

The CIRC Team

(19th October 2020)

Great News! We’re Moving!

As this year moves forward and a little bit of normality has returned, but still with a degree of uncertainty, here at the Cast Iron Radiator Centre, we have continued to operate within the safety framework and advice available.

However, although a little delayed (4 frustrating months actually!!), the commitment and investment into our business has never been more prominent and we are pleased to announce that after months of planning, sheer hard work and determination, we will be moving to our new bespoke HQ at the end of September.

Our new HQ is double the size of our previous premises and since acquisition, has been stripped back, re-designed and completely fitted out from scratch to offer the bespoke elements required across all areas of our business from production to administration.

Cast Iron Radiator Centre's new bespoke HQ

These include three brand new professional spray booths supplied by Reeve Spray Booths, the trebling of our pressure testing facility, a brand new Demag crane for lifting, a bespoke area for the team who assembly every radiator to order and state of the art administration and communications.

Due to the move, we will extend the current lead time slightly for a short period, but will revert this back as soon as production starts and the move has been completed which should take a few days.

Since March, some of our staff have been on furlough in order for us to operate safely and maintain social distancing, we have operated a quota system heavily restricting orders taken on a daily basis. Once the move is complete we will increase our production significantly to meet customer demand ongoing for our cast iron radiators.

Finally, we want to thank all our customers for their patience over the last 5-6 months, the wonderful companies who have continued to supply us and trades who have enabled us to prepare our new HQ during the restrictions, who have all gone ‘above and beyond’ to get us to this exciting point!

The CIRC Team

(14th September 2020)

Art Nouveau and Polka Dots!

Thank you to @loveallthingsquirky for this lovely photo of our Art Nouveau cast iron radiator with a polka dot back drop.

Art Nouveau cast iron radiator, photo by @loveallthingsquirky

If you follow Nicola on her Instagram feed, you will know that her interior design vision is bright, with bold statement wall coverings and a fine eye for styling detail throughout her home renovation!

So well thought of as an interior stylist, Nicola was featured as a judge for ‘The Under The Stairs Project’ at @granddesignstv NEC last year! Quite an achievement, but we can see why. Well done Nicola!

(30th June 2020)

A BIG THANK YOU to all our customers...

Although there has been a relaxing with lock down guidelines over recent weeks, we continue to ensure that the safety of our staff remains our priority when at work.

At present, the majority of our staff remained furloughed as we cannot safely accommodate all back at work without compromising social distancing.

Several weeks ago, we started to increase our production slightly with the limited staff in available and began a daily sales quota system to control orders. This enabled us to increase the number of radiators we sell whilst at the same time continuing to offer excellent quality and lead times and most importantly, maintaining workplace safety for all.

We appreciate that demand continues to increase day by day and really welcome your patience when placing orders in view of the quota restrictions in place.

We know that this will be frustrating at times and it is not something we wish to continue with for the foreseeable future.

We are working towards increasing our daily quota numbers and thus to accommodate more customers with the main goal of getting back to full production as soon as we can safely.

We want to say a big thank you to you all for your continued interest and support and most of all your patience during these current times.

Kind regards,
The Cast Iron Radiator Centre

(15th June 2020)

Bright and Fresh...

Here is a beautiful picture of one of our Short Princess radiators in our most popular top coat finish – Gun Metal!

Short Princess cast iron radiator, photo by @ninathomasstudio

A very traditional cast iron radiator in terms of design and a style which fits easily into both traditional and contemporary homes.

We love the bright and fresh feel this image gives and hope you do too. Thank you @ninathomasstudio for the image. Please go and check out her beautiful personalised stationery and gifts on her Instagram feed. They are wonderful!

(22nd May 2020)

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update! 17th April 2020


Amidst these unusual times, here at The Cast Iron Radiator Centre, we feel it is very important to keep connected to our customers and provide support wherever we can.

The government outlined this week that every effort should be made across society to minimise social contact for a further three weeks in order to slow the spread of the virus.

As a company we continue to adopt this policy and this means we continue to have a slightly reduced production capacity so you may find normal services may take a little more time.

As we enter another week, our office staff continue working from home, and those producing your orders are keeping to the social distancing rules and following strict hygiene routines. The health and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers and the wider community is paramount to us, as ever.

WE ARE ANSWERING ALL EMAILS! Therefore, we would like to remind you to email via the website and we will respond promptly to your request.

As we are unable to take direct calls at present, we will use the answer phone to support this message.

Through all of this, we can assure you we remain focused on ensuring you will receive a quality product with the same unrivalled service, whenever you need it.

Stay safe and keep in touch!

(Please read below new items for additional information)

C-19 PHE Latest Guidance

C-19 Business Support Website

(17th April 2020)

Coronavirus update!

An Update of Ordering and Production

We have now fully re-assessed our working practices and in order to meet current guidelines on safe working and social distancing.

Therefore, our production facility where we build, pressure test, paint and despatch all our cast iron radiators will start to operate from Monday 6th April, but with a smaller number of staff and with increased safety measures in place for them.

Due to the measures that we have prioritised, lead times will need to be increased slightly to up to 7-10 working days to despatch, but we will always endeavour to complete them sooner if we can.

Also, the numbers of orders we will take per day in order to continue to work safely will be restricted.

Therefore, there may be times when you cannot place an order online on that particular day and therefore, you can and should try to place your order the following day.

We know that this is not ideal, but safety of our staff is paramount and these measures will ensure this whilst at the same time allowing us to service as many customers as possible during this time. Lastly, due to base material supplies being disrupted, we cannot currently offer the Linen White paint option in the short term and will re-introduce this as soon as we can.

Deliveries & Collections

We are still delivering radiators to the kerb by pallet as normal through our delivery partner Mobile PPL. Smaller items are still being delivered as usual thanks to our parcel delivery partner DPD and these will be despatched by us twice weekly on a Tuesday and Thursday on a next day service.

ALL collections will now need to be arranged for when we re-open to the public, or we can arrange deliveries. Please email us if you would like us to arrange this.


We understand that you might not be able to return goods to us in the usual time frames during this period. This is fine and it may be better to hold back and send your returns when our offices are open fully again and we can receive them.

We do appreciate that these are unprecedented times for all and we appreciate your continued understanding and support.

Please keep checking ‘Importance Notice’ tab on each page for our latest updates as the situation changes.

(6th April 2020)

Production update!

Further to our last update regarding the corona virus, we have taken the decision to suspend taking further orders for Cast Iron Radiators temporarily and concentrate on completing all existing orders we are committed to.

We will still offer our radiator valves, wall stays and other accessories for sale and will despatch any orders for these via DPD on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This decision will be reviewed on a regular basis and updated as the current situation develops.

As our couriers and logistics partners come under increased pressure in terms of staffing, there may well be slight delays in getting existing orders delivered to you.

We have not taken this decision lightly, but it is one made with the well-being and safety of our employees in mind as well as in the best interests of our customers and suppliers in order to maintain safe social distancing as advised by the Government and Public Health England guidance.

Going forward, we will man our offices on a skeleton staff basis over the coming weeks and until further notice to answer emails and enquiries as quickly as possible.

These are uncertain times that we have not seen before, however, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our staff and make sure that our business is ready to serve new and existing customers when we are able to operate to full capacity when able to do so.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and continued support.

The CIRC Team

(23rd March 2020)

Production update!

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation changing daily, we believe it’s important to be transparent about how The Cast Iron Radiator Centre (CIRC) is responding to the outbreak. Our philosophy as a business is to approach this situation with empathy and urgency; CIRC’s top priority is the health and safety of our employees and other communities we have contact with including our customers, suppliers etc.

Given how rapidly the outbreak is evolving, we expect our approach to be re-assessed constantly to ensure the health and safety and the wellbeing of our employees and customers is maintained, whilst at the same time keeping any disruptions to a minimum.

Although we hold good stocks of cast iron radiator sections themselves in order to meet customer demand, as with any business, we also rely on various suppliers for ancillary supplies and services (e.g. packaging, paint, disposables, haulage, courier service etc) to meet our ongoing needs, which, although not currently affected, the supply of which may well be disrupted for short periods, due to supply chains/services being disrupted for reasons beyond our control.

If, due to the coronavirus, production is affected, we will inform our customers immediately, via our website and email where possible.

HOWEVER, that’s enough gloom and doom! On a much more positive note, we continue to be busier than ever, we are still meeting our 5-7 working day lead time to despatch and we are currently operating at normal capacity and meeting all current deadlines for available cast iron radiators, valves and accessories.

If you have any questions regarding your order or the any of the above, please email us at

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support.

The CIRC Team

(11th March 2020)

Introducing @manwithahammer

Delighted to be assisting @manwithahammer on his latest renovation project by supplying him with some of our cast iron radiators, valves and accessories.

man with a hammer and cast iron radiator, photo by @manwithahammer

We have found @manwithahammer to be a great inspiration for people starting out, or who are already in the midst of an existing renovation project with his subtle, but clearly thought out design ideas.

We can certainly appreciate all the hard work he is putting into restoring this beautiful and historic building and bringing it back to life and now cannot wait to see how he will put his stamp on the Master Bedroom.

(12th February 2020)

Lead times update and pre-Christmas deliveries

Due to unprecedented demand for our cast iron radiators, our new lead times from order placed to despatch is now 10-12 working days. The last date that we will receive orders for pre-Christmas deliveries is Sunday 1st December. Any orders placed after this date cannot be guaranteed to be despatched prior to Christmas.

If you do not require your order until the New Year, please indicate this in the comments box at check out.

Please see our news feed and Facebook for updates on lead times in the run up to Christmas for any additional changes.

(19th November 2019)

Christmas Opening Hours

Our Christmas & New Year opening times are:

Last working day:
Fri 20th Dec 2019 – Open 8am-4:30pm

Sat 21th to Wed 1st Jan 2020 – Closed for Christmas & New Year

From Thu 2nd Jan 2020 – Open 8am-5pm (as detailed here)

cast iron radiators for Christmas

Thank you for your continued support and we hope that you have a restful and peaceful break. We look forward to seeing you in 2020, from us all at The Cast Iron Radiator Centre.

(12th November 2019)

Another notable inclusion – Observer Magazine!

We are delighted that our cast iron radiators featured in last Sunday's Observer Magazine in a wonderful article by Kate Lawson outlining a wonderful Victorian flat in Dalston, London belonging to designer Robert Storey of

cast iron radiators in Observer Magazine September 2019

We think our cast iron radiators look fab in this bright top floor flat that was remodelled sympathetically and shows great fusion between period style and modern living.

(1st October 2019)

It's that BUSY time of year again!

It only seems 5 minutes since we last put out a similar message this time last year!

Now that the summer appears to have left us for another year, the children are back at school and all projects start to look at getting completed in time for Christmas, we have now well and truly hit our busy time of year again.

Our cast iron radiators are more in demand than ever before, but we are still sticking to a lead time of just 7-10 working days to despatch.

As we have mentioned before, we will always endeavour to beat our lead times or look to reduce them, but please don’t wait to the last minute to order, speak to your builder or plumber to gauge when they will want the delivery in order that we can arrange delivery in plenty of time and meet your deadlines.

(25th September 2019)

New Instagram feature…introducing @loveallthingsquirky

Having been focused on reply, interacting and generally improving our presence on social media for our cast iron radiators on our Instagram account - @castironradiatorcentre - we have recently reached the 5000 follower milestone.

We’re not sure we are becoming mainstream influencers, but certainly the pictures our followers are tagging us in are fabulous and allow customers to see how our cast iron radiators create statements in all types of buildings with all types of tastes.

On a regular basis we will try to highlight and share a follower whose images inspire us and showcase our radiators along with their vision.

@loveallthingsquirky is a wonderful account to start with! Based in the North East, Nicola is a talented individual who combines a serious role committed to supporting others along with her love for design. Nicola obviously has an exceptional eye for design detail with a ‘quirky’ twist as her account name suggests.

Art Nouveau cast iron radiator, photo by @loveallthingsquirky

Nicola says: Since leaving school I followed my creativeness and studied a degree in fashion and illustration. Following this I mostly worked as a visual merchandiser for many years with high end retail stores. I then took a break from interiors and styling and went on to Study Occupational Therapy and for the last 13 years I have been a CBT Therapist in Secondary Mental Health Services. I’ve always been creative, lover of colour, pattern and design and all the finer details. These are so important it can either make or break a design project. I am always one step ahead planning my next project whether that be a revamp or a total renovation. Eventually I want to leave my main job in the NHS and pursue a career in design.

Art Nouveau cast iron radiator, photo by @loveallthingsquirky

Many thanks to @loveallthingsquirky for these lovely photos.

(9th September 2019)

Stop the press...

Our Nostalgic Tradition Victorian 4 Column 760mm Cast Iron Radiator, as seen on pages 32 & 33 of the Sunday Mirror Notebook Magazine last weekend, will help you reminisce about the good times surrounded by family.

cast iron radiator in Sunday Mirror Magazine 2019

Now would be an ideal time to plan ahead and place an order for these in preparation for the colder months, and might be the best time to book a plumber than if you try later in the year when you need the heating the most.

Our current lead time from when the order is placed to despatch/collection date is 5-7 full working days, so don’t delay and order today.

(11th July 2019)

Classic appeal to brighten a dreary day...

Here is one of our Traditional Four Column 460mm cast iron radiators in the simple matt black top coat finish and elegant Warwick TRV valves and Pipe Shrouds in the Antique Brass finish.

traditional four column 460mm cast iron radiator

We know this is the height of summer, with the longest day quickly approaching this Friday and the last thing we should be thinking about is radiators!

However, we thought we would share this image just to show that sometimes things don’t have to be expensive or complicated to get such a fantastic look and hopefully it cheers you up and gives you some inspiration on another wet day in June. 😊

(19th June 2019)

Easter opening times...

Spring is here and the Easter break is almost upon us allowing everyone to have a well earned break and hopefully some great weather for a change.

Our Easter opening times are:

Good Friday – Open as usual 8:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday 20th April – Open 9:00am to 4:00pm

Easter Sunday – Closed

Easter Monday – Closed

Tuesday 23rd April – Open as usual 8:00am to 5:00pm

There will be no pallet deliveries or courier deliveries between 19th & 22nd April in view of the Easter break as our delivery partners will be taking a well earned rest!

From us all at The Cast Iron Radiator Centre, we want to wish you all a very happy Easter break.

(17th April 2019)

Simple, but effective...

This is one of our traditional four column cast iron radiators in the ever popular Gun Metal finish. We think the contrast of this traditional cast iron radiator looks stunning against the off white wall and white washed reclaimed floor boards.

Traditional Four Column Cast Iron Radiator

Sometimes, it seems that just keeping things simple works best!

Thank you Mr B for the photo.

(5th April 2019)

Lead times update...

Since the start of 2019, we have continued to see increasing demand for our wonderful traditional radiators in conjunction with our new range of Warwick Thermostatic radiator valves in four fantastic finishes, including the popular Warwick TRV in Matt Gun Metal proving very successful.

In view of current demand, our lead time is now 7 – 10 full working days to despatch with UK mainland delivery usually 2 days thereafter.

As we remain the best value online for cast iron radiators and our lead times remain super-fast, now is a great time to order your radiators!

(27th February 2019)

News from Italy...

We have received this wonderful photo from one of our customers in Bergamo, Italy. It shows the elegant Art Nouveau radiator with our Bentley Lever valves in Satin Nickel finish.

Art Nouveau radiator

Our Customer says: ‘I’m so happy about your cast iron radiators Art Nouveau, they are beautiful and they work very well!! A warm greeting from Italy’.

Thank you again Tiziano. We are glad that you are happy and keeping warm in Northern Italy.

(22nd January 2019)

All radiator orders despatched in a maximum of 5 - 7 working days!

Happy New Year to all our customers old and new! We hope you all had a good break and managed to relax ready for the year ahead!


Our wonderful production team have pulled out all the stops to get the lead times back down from when you place your order for our cast iron radiators to when they are despatched down to just 5–7 working days again.

Some orders are even being despatched sooner than this where we can.

The value of all our traditional radiators remains the best value online and with great quality and customer service to match, there is nowhere better to assist you with your requirements for cast radiators, valves and accessories.

Therefore, this is a big thank you to the production team for all their efforts and a big thank you also to our customers for your continued support.

(9th January 2019)

Christmas Opening Hours

Our Christmas & New Year opening times are:

Fri 21st Dec 2018 – Open 8am-3:30pm

Sat 22nd to Tue 1st Jan 2019 – Closed for Christmas & New Year

From Wed 2nd Jan 2019 – Open 8am-5pm (as detailed here)

cast iron radiators for Christmas

Thank you for your continued support and we hope that you have a restful and peaceful break. We look forward to seeing you in 2019, from us all at The Cast Iron Radiator Centre.

(3rd December 2018)

Last date for pre-Christmas delivery UPDATED!

We are pleased to announce that we have extended the last date for when we can guarantee pre-Christmas delivery of our wonderful Cast Iron Radiators.

The last date for orders to be placed which will qualify for pre-Christmas despatch will be this SUNDAY 2nd DECEMBER 2018. Orders placed on or before this date are guaranteed to be ready to be despatched to you for delivery week ending Friday 21st December.

If you cannot receive delivery on or before the 21st December, then please let us now in the message box when ordering.

Last despatch dates for Radiators

The last date we will despatch our cast iron radiators on pallet deliveries will be Wednesday 19th December on a standard 2 day delivery service for delivery on Friday 21st December.

We will despatch all orders as usual, unless informed to the contrary, so please ensure you or your builders are on site to receive your deliveries as failure to take delivery may mean that your order will sit in the delivery depot over the Christmas & New Year holidays and won’t be delivered until January 2019.

(You will receive the delivery company’s contact details in our despatch and SMS text should you need to contact them direct.)

Last despatch dates for Parcel/Courier deliveries

The last date we will be despatching your parcel deliveries via DPD will be Thursday 20th December. All orders that do not meet this deadline may be despatched in the New Year.

(28th November 2018)

Guaranteed Christmas delivery dates!

The Christmas rush is well and truly amongst us now. However, despite the record sales again this year for our cast iron radiators, the time and effort we have all put in here at The Cast Iron Radiator Centre at the beginning of the year in terms of better production/ordering systems along with improved resources, mean that our lead times remain at just 7-10 FULL working days from when order placed to despatch. That's nearly a whole week quicker than this time last year!

This combined with our quicker (standard 2 day) delivery service means that we are able to get more of your orders despatched than ever before and we mustn’t forget our great production team, who work tirelessly, to meet every deadline without compromising on great quality. As always though, during the busiest times, there may be the very occasional time when we need to extend the lead times in order to meet both demand and ensure our quality standards don’t fall.

Therefore, please use the following dates to assist you (and us!) when placing your orders with us to guarantee your pre-Christmas deliveries.

For Radiator Orders. To ensure that you receive your radiator order before Christmas, the last date for ordering is Friday 30th November 2018.

For Parcel Deliveries. To ensure that you receive your parcel order before Christmas, the last date for ordering is Wednesday 19th December 2018.

So, if your project is still going ahead between Christmas and the New Year, you will need to organise your delivery for before we break up for the festivities as there will be no deliveries during this period.

(16th November 2018)

Record month for traditional radiator sales

After yet another record month for sales during September and as anticipated, we have had to slightly increase our lead time from when the order is placed to despatch/collection date to 7-10 FULL working days.

Please remember that these are our anticipated lead times and may need to be revised periodically without notice, but we will always do our utmost not to if we can.

traditional radiators

From our experience, we know the lead times will extend slightly as the late rush starts with customers wanting our traditional cast iron radiators in time to keep them warm in the run up to Christmas, so please order as soon as you can so that you are not disappointed!

Transparency and honesty are the key principles here at the Cast Iron Radiator Centre, so please read the news feed for any updates and make sure you read the update and information emails when they are sent out.

(10th October 2018)

The cold weather = more orders!

After such a wonderfully long and warm summer, it appears that the best of the weather is becoming increasingly in short supply.

At this time every year, for many, this is a reminder to get their heating systems checked and also look to replacing their radiators with our cast iron radiators in readiness for Christmas.

Subsequently, our order books are filling up fast and as such our current lead time is now increasing slightly to approximately 7-9 full working days to despatch or collection.

There a little good news though. Our new transport partner, Mobile PPL, offers our customers a standard delivery of just 2 working days normally, instead of the usual 3-5 working days offered by many other carriers. In addition, once your order has been despatched, Mobile also offer to upgrade the delivery service if required for a nominal fee paid direct to them. This extra flexibility is proving a real hit with our customers.

In order to not be disappointed, please speak to your plumber/builder (not always possible we know!) as soon as possible to try and plan when you need your radiators so that we can assist in getting them ready for you in good time.

We will, of course, endeavour to keep these lead times as short as possible for as long as possible, but to ensure that we don’t compromise the quality in producing your fabulous traditional radiators remains our highest priority, our lead times may need to be revised.

Make sure you keep an eye on this news feed so that we can keep you up to date. Transparency and honesty are the key principles here at the Cast Iron Radiator Centre.

(20th September 2018)

Our Traditional Radiators used in City Centre Loft Apartments

We were delighted to work with Highfield Developments to supply their 14 luxury loft apartments in the Hindmarsh development with our traditional radiators in the 'on-trend' Gun Metal grey finish.

traditional radiator at Hindmarsh

Again, our cast iron radiators make a statement and complement the New York styling in these chic urban spaces without dominating.

(17th August 2018)

Keeping the summer room cosy!

Here is one of our traditional four column 760mm cast iron radiators in the popular Antique Bronze finish helping to keep a customer's wonderful summer room cosy during the cold days of winter.

cast iron radiator in summer room

Thank you Mr H of Worcester for your lovely image.

(10th August 2018)

New thermostatic valves just in!

We are delighted to offer the brand new Warwick TRV Thermostatic Cast Iron Radiator Valves on our website.

Having listened to our customers who wanted a larger valve with a solid wood wheel head, but not at extortionate prices, we have managed to source this new style in the popular Antique Brass, Black Nickel & Satin Nickel finishes.

warwick valves

Their style really adds that finishing touch when matched with our traditional cast iron radiators.

These are similar to the Bentley range, but differ in a few subtle, but significant ways.

Namely they are a lot heavier at 1.1kg a pair, they will fully shut off when the wheel head is fully wound in, so not requiring a decorator’s cap and the actual wheel head is made from solid wood.

They all come with a 2 year warranty as standard.

These additions broaden our range of excellent value cast iron radiator valves, whilst at the same time complementing the choice we now offer.

We are sure you are going to love them!

(19th July 2018)

The House that Black Built!

Courtesy of @thehousethatblackbuilt

cast iron radiator 1#thehousethatblackbuilt

Who said black is the new black? Well, the wonderful Chelsea Stonier is a definite convert looking at her great insta account journey showing the renovation of her Victorian house.

cast iron radiator 2#thehousethatblackbuilt

Our Art Nouveau decorative cast iron radiators seem to have fitted in well in their matt black topcoat finish.

If you are looking for some seriously style ideas for your property, then @thehousethatblackbuilt is a great starting point we think.

(29th June 2018)

Summer's here, so please make the most of it!

Now that we have all started to see temperatures rising and even a few days of sunshine, you would think that the last thing people are thinking about is their heating.

Not here at The Cast Iron Radiator Centre! Our order books remain strong for our cast iron radiators and we continue to be extremely busy getting our customers' traditional cast iron radiators orders ready. This picture just shows some of our cast radiators which are curing waiting to be wrapped and despatched today, with lots more to follow.

cast iron radiators in curing booth June 2018

However, those in the know realise that the summertime is the best time to look to change or update your radiators. Why? Well obviously, whilst the milder weather is with us, the need to use your heating is reduced dramatically, so if you need to be without it for a day or even a few days, it’s all manageable and you won’t get too chilly!

If you wait to the autumn or winter months, then even a day sometimes without heating can make a dramatic difference to not only keeping your home cosy, but also your general mood. There’s no real fun in being cold inside now is there?

We know that some of you won’t have a choice as the work to be done will be dictated by the overall timings of your project or just simply finances, but if you can, start planning now to get the work done. You might even find it easier to book a plumber than if you try in the depths of November or December, though they always appear busy when you call we know.

(14th June 2018)

A picture window in the city!

Here is one of our classic Tall Princess cast iron radiators with Chrome Wall Stays featuring in this wonderful bathroom with a fantastic view.

tall princess cast iron radiator

This radiator is happy to play a supporting role and not dominate the room.

We think you’ll agree this all looks very relaxing!

Many thanks to J.K. from South London for the photo.

(4th June 2018)

A partnership of elegance!

Here we have a wonderful combination of rich coloured panelling and window shutters in this period home in Glasgow partnering with one of our Traditional 660mm four column cast iron radiators in the ever popular Gun Metal top coat and our Bentley Black Nickel TRV radiator valves & accessories.

cast iron radiator 660mm 4 column

We believe our radiator complements the room without dominating the space and allowing the many striking period features in the room to show off!

Thank you Mr A.R. from Glasgow for the photo.

(18th May 2018)

Subtle Black & Greys!

When you are looking to make a statement, then our radiators really do hit the mark. Here is one of our traditional 3 column cast iron radiators looking fab as part of an extensive renovation project by a delighted customer of ours.

cast iron radiator traditional Victorian 3 column 3 secion

You can read her comments below and please follow her on Instagram @myrenovation_ to see what a great job she is doing.

"I am so happy with my Radiators ... I purchased 13 for a complete renovation project, in antique bronze, Matt black and satin black all equally fab!! I did a lot of research and this company was the most competitive. I can't rave enough about the radiators. Service was great and kept up to date at all stages them!! My brother has also purchased on my recommendation"

Thanks again to L.R. from Essex for the photo and the kind comments.

Continued good luck with your project, it looks great!

(23rd April 2018)

Cast Iron Radiator Centre supply Wasps and England rugby star!

We are very proud to have supplied the Wasps & England lock Joe Launchbury (Instagram - @joe_launch) a beautiful Traditional Four Column 760mm cast iron radiator in our popular Gun Metal finish with matching valves and accessories.

Cast Iron Radiator Centre supplies Joe Launchbury

As you would imagine, Joe is a gentle giant; really friendly and polite. He was more than happy to take the time to chat and allow us to take a few photos. He also very kindly signed autographs for our children. They are going to be thrilled!

All this despite just coming from a hard training session!

Thank you Joe for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy your radiator for many years to come.

(13th April 2018)

Elegance personified!

This elegant bathroom redesign using our Traditional 3 column cast iron radiator in the Matt Black finish and the Bentley Traditional TRV valves in the ‘on trend’ Antique Copper finish really does complement the sultry blue used on the walls and skirting boards with the tiled floor.

Traditional Victorian 3 Column Cast Iron Radiator

This is a clever mix of contemporary sanitary fittings with period features which works excellently allowing each element to make its own statement.

We are very grateful to Joel of Joel LaRosa Design Ltd, an independent kitchen and bathroom design specialist based in Leicester.

(6th April 2018)

Simple lines – Timeless design!

We have been supplied a wonderful photo of one of our Short Princess style radiators with 17 sections. That's as long as we can supply this radiator fully assembled.

Short Princess Radiator

The simple lines of this radiator's design make it very popular in any property, from traditional country homes through to modern contemporary apartments in the city.

It's flexibility means it is always one of the popular styles we sell.

Many thanks to Mrs RG in Norfolk for the photo.

(19th March 2018)

This oversize traditional radiator makes a great feature!

We are often asked for extra-long radiators to fit existing pipe work or to look in proportion to a space under a window for example.

We are restricted due to overall weight or lengths of each style, but more and more often, customers are buying a radiator assembly tool from us with associated assembly instructions for them to build the required radiator on site in three or four pre-assembled parts.

Traditional Radiator 4 Column Oversize

In this case, our customer needed a 29 section radiator to sit under this extra-long window with low sill.

We supplied the traditional four column 460mm radiator pre-painted in Gunmetal Grey in 3 parts, a 23 section and two 3 sections which our customer simply put together on site using our printed instructions.

We think you will agree it makes a great statement.

Thank you to Mr D from Worcestershire for the images.

(8th March 2018)

All radiator orders despatched within 7 working days!

As mentioned at the end of January in the ‘News column’, our fantastic production team have worked tirelessly over the last few months to get our lead times down to the shortest time for our customers.

Now they have succeeded in getting the lead time from when you order your cast iron radiators to when we despatch them down to within 7 working days.

Subtle changes in our production techniques, forward planning and sheer hard work on their part means that they are now able to produce your traditional radiators, without compromising quality, even quicker.

Therefore, this is a big thank you to the production team for all their efforts and a big thank you also to our customers for your continued support.

(27th February 2018)

Stunning shower room!

These photos were supplied by our customer showing the wonderful combination of designs and materials from the natural beams and solid oak cottage door with the limestone flooring.

Traditional Radiator in Shower Room 2

Our 760mm Traditional 4 column radiator in Gun Metal Grey not only heats this beautiful room, but just as importantly, makes a great feature without dominating the space.

Traditional Radiator in Shower Room 1

We think you will all agree that they all complement each other really well.

Many thanks to Mrs S of East Sussex for these photos.

(7th February 2018)

Lead times back to 7-10 working days for despatch

With our production team working tirelessly to get your orders ready for despatch since our return after the Christmas break, they have now successfully managed to get the lead time from order placed to the despatch of our traditional radiators down to an impressive anticipated 7 to 10 working days.

Therefore all orders placed now will be ready for despatching within these time scales which will make planning a lot easier for all our customers.

The production team are now determined to reduce this even further to a maximum of 7 working days over the coming weeks so that your projects can run smoothly and be completed in good time. So keep watching this space for further updates.

(31st January 2018)

Cosy farmhouse dining room

These wonderful pictures were sent to us by our customer showing a Traditional four column 460mm radiator with Bentley Antique Copper TRV valves, Black Nickel Luxury wall stays and Pipe Shrouds.

Traditional Radiator Customer Photo 1

The simple design of this radiator looks stunning against the deep red walls of this traditional dining room and complements its warm oak floor with solid wood furniture. We are sure our radiator makes the decision of who sits where a little more complicated now!

Traditional Radiator Customer Photo 3

Many thanks again for the lovely photos. Courtesy of MRS F in beautiful NW Wales.

(17th January 2018)

Happy New Year to all our new & returning customers!!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a very Happy & Healthy New Year.

Here at the Cast Iron Radiator Centre, having recharged our batteries, it is all hands to the pump to continue to get your orders out in good time.

Our cast iron radiators continue to be massively popular all over the UK & Europe and despite it only being few days since some of us have been back to work the orders keep pouring in. This probably being due not only to our great customer service, but that we remain the best value online.

We have several traditional radiators ON SALE at the moment, but this will need to end for some styles within the next week, so please don’t miss this opportunity to grab a bargain.

Don’t worry though, even when our cast radiators are not on sale, they will still be the best value available online through our easy to use website.

a Thank you again for your continued support.

The CIRC Team

(4th January 2018)

Cast iron radiators for pre-Christmas delivery

To endeavour to have our cast iron radiators completed for pre-Christmas delivery, please be advised the final date for placing orders will be 30th November 2017, with the last despatch date for pallet delivery being 20th December.

For all radiator orders due for despatch between 18th-20th December, we will contact you to arrange a dedicated date for delivery, so please ensure that we have the best contact number for you so that we can call you as soon as your order is ready to arrange delivery.

If we cannot contact you to ensure someone will be available to sign for and to arrange delivery before Christmas, then your order will be held over for delivery in the New Year. If your order is required in the New Year, then please indicate this on your order so that we can prioritise its delivery early in January.

All courier deliveries for valves and accessories will continue to be despatched up to 21st December 2017.

(28th November 2017)

The pre-Christmas rush and current lead times

As we continue to get our orders prepared for our customers and remaining as transparent as possible, our stated lead times on orders placed at the moment are currently 1-2 working days behind the schedule. We are all continuing to get orders out as soon as possible and we are happy to offer dedicated day or next delivery slots if needed to our customers at no additional cost if we cannot meet stated lead time at order.

In order to guarantee pre-Christmas delivery of our cast iron radiators, please ensure you order soon as the cut-off date will soon be announced.

(23rd November 2017)

New lead times

As mentioned in our previous news feeds, current demand for our cast iron radiators remains at record levels, which is due not only to the fact they are great quality, but also that they remain the best value online.

In view of this, our lead time from order placed to anticipated despatch is now 12-14 full working days.

In order to not miss out on guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery, please order our traditional radiators as soon as you can.

(10th November 2017)

The Christmas rush has begun!

As we enter our busiest month of the year and minds turn to getting projects completed ready for Christmas, now is the time to get your cast iron radiators ordered so that you are not disappointed.

Cast Iron Radiators Christmas Rush

In order to ensure we have enough time to prepare your order, and get it despatched and delivered in time for you to have it fitted before the Christmas festivities, please ensure you order as soon as possible.

Even if you want to do a little DIY between Christmas & New Year, you will need to organise your delivery for before we break up for the festivities, as most pallet couriers also close during this period.

If you need some help working out sizes and what heat outputs are required, please see our Guide to Calculating Pipe Centres and simple to use BTU Calculator.

Please remember that out lead times are a good guide and currently it is anticipated at 12 full working days (2½ weeks) to despatch, but this will need to be extended to around 14+ working days to despatch as the volume of orders continue to increase, so please don’t leave it too late to get your traditional radiators.

(1st November 2017)

Our Victorian radiators are keeping customers cosy in Tenby Micro Brewery & hostelries!

Having just spent a somewhat wet and windy few days in Pembrokeshire over the half term and becoming well versed in what ‘Storm Brian’ had to offer, it was a welcome sight to find The Harbwr Brewery in Tenby (and meet Richard), where our cast iron radiators have been used to help finish off this wonderful restoration project complimenting the industrial look of the Tap House above the brewery itself.

The Harbr Brewery Tap Room

The owners also have two great pubs nearby in the town (The Hope & Anchor and The Buccaneer), which is where we headed off to for a well-earned drink and some fantastic homemade food. All are well worth a visit if you get the chance.

On such a dismal damp October day, true to form, our radiators allowed many (including myself) to warm themselves in great surroundings before heading off again on their travels.

It was a little difficult to get great photos of the cast iron radiators as customers seemed a little reluctant to stand away from their cosy seats next to them.

cast iron radiator in Tenby

If you want to supply us with your photos of our cast iron radiators in situ, please feel free to send them to us and we will happily share them for others to see.

(30th October 2017)

Update on current lead times for our cast iron radiators

As the cold weather starts to take hold and our order volumes steadily increase for our traditional radiators, we have adjusted our lead time from when your orders are placed to when they will be ready for despatch or collection to 10-12 full working days.

We will of course always strive to beat these lead times, but cannot guarantee this, so please do plan on the advertised times above.

(3rd October 2017)

Record order volumes mean winter is coming!

Over the last few weeks we have all noticed the temperatures dropping slightly, the increasing number of cooler evenings and the misty mornings. For many, this is a reminder to get their heating systems checked and also look to replacing their radiators with our cast iron radiators in readiness for Christmas.

Subsequently, we have seen record orders for September already and as previously mentioned the pressure on keeping our current lead times in place has increased in order to meet this unprecedented demand. Therefore, the current lead time from when you place your order for our cast radiators now to when it will be ready for despatch or collection is anticipated to be 7-10 full working days.

In order to not be disappointed, please speak to your plumber/builder (not always possible we know!) as soon as possible to try and plan when you need your radiators so that we can assist in getting them ready for you in good time.

We will, of course, endeavour to keep this lead time intact for as long as possible, but to ensure that we don’t compromise the quality in producing your fabulous traditional radiators remains our highest priority, our lead times may need to be revised.

Therefore, please keep an eye on our news feed so that we can keep you up to date as we have heard some horror stories out there about customers being let down by unrealistic lead times. So transparency and honesty are the key principles here at the Cast Iron Radiator Centre.

(21st September 2017)

Starting to get ready for winter?

Our summer sale has proved a great success and many of you have taken advantage of the best prices on the internet that we offer for our cast iron radiators along with the additional sale discounts.

With winter fast approaching, we have now reached the busiest time of year for us. We continue to keep our lead times from order to dispatch the shortest we can, but with great demand for our traditional cast iron radiators, it is inevitable that this will increase slightly over the coming weeks. Therefore, now is the time to speak to your builder or plumber to find out when they want your radiators ready for fitting so that you can give us enough time to meet your deadlines so not to be disappointed.

(14th September 2017)

Best value radiators online

We have just taken delivery of new stock consisting of all styles of cast iron radiators that we offer in order to keep up with the huge demand due to the success of our Summer Sale.

With our traditional cast iron radiators being the cheapest online and along with our Summer Sale, we have never been so busy at this time of year. So don’t miss this opportunity!

(9th August 2017)

Summer Sale proving a great success!

We have received a new delivery today, the third of which in the last 6 weeks. This has now been unloaded, checked and is straight into the production process to meet the high demands for cast iron radiators we are currently seeing.

This new delivery incorporates all styles from the popular Traditional 4 column design to the ornate Ascot and Balmoral radiators which have the ‘WOW’ factor.

With the Summer Sale proving really popular we now have plenty of stock to fulfil many more orders so please don’t miss this great opportunity.

(28th June 2017)

Dispatched lead times slashed

Our production team have been working hard to ensure customers receive their cast iron radiators as soon as possible and have now got our order to dispatch lead time for all cast iron radiators ordered down to just 7 - 9 working days from 10 - 12 working days.

(26th April 2017)

Our commitment to quality

In our commitment to ensuring we provide the best quality at all times, we can confirm that ALL our cast iron radiators are fully CE Certified and meet British Standards BS EN 442-1 & BS EN 442-2.

We are very proud of what we have achieved and we make sure that the Cast Iron Radiator Centre remains at the forefront when it comes to ensuring all our customers, both commercial and residential, receive the best standards in terms of quality products and service at all times.

(1st March 2017)

Mobile telephone number and new courier

Following a strong start to 2017 and despite high volumes of orders being placed, we continue to despatch our cast iron radiators in the quoted 10-12 working days from when order placed.

In order to prevent unnecessary delays with the delivery of cast iron radiators due to not being able to leave voicemail messages etc., please ensure that you provide a mobile telephone number when placing your order.

This will not only ensure that our pallet delivery partner can contact you more easily, but with valves and accessory orders being shipped by our new courier (DPD), you will be able to take control of your parcel deliveries more easily and get these delivered when and where you want from your smart phone.

(17th February 2017)

Very Happy Christmas & New Year

From us all at the Cast Iron Radiator Centre, we would like to wish all our customers a very Happy Christmas & New Year. Thank you once again for all your support over the past 12 months and we look forward to hearing from you in 2017!

(16th December 2016)

Pre-Christmas deliveries & Christmas opening times

Holiday Notice Summary Text removed

(11th November 2016)

Lead time changes

Due to the expected increase in sales at this time of year in the run up to Christmas we have extended our lead time from order placed to despatch to 10 - 12 working days. Obviously, we will always endeavour to beat these time frames if we can.

Please remember that if you require information regarding fitting your cast iron radiators or working out the pipe centres, please see our help page above where this information is available.

(18th October 2016)

Strike whilst the (cast) iron is hot!

Our current lead times for all radiator orders is now down to just 6 – 8 working days to despatch, our shortest time scales ever!

With the cooler months on the horizon, we don’t expect to hold this lead time for too long, so take advantage of it whilst you can.

When placing your order our website will give you our current and most up-to-date lead times, both when picking you radiator and at checkout to help you plan.

(25th August 2016)

Faster cast iron radiator delivery

We have got our order to despatch lead time for all cast iron radiators ordered down to just 6 - 8 working days from 7 - 10 working days.

(27th July 2016)

Touch up paint now available

Listening to our customers' requests asking for handy and affordable touch up paint for our cast iron radiators, we have just taken delivery of the first batch of mini paint pots in our exclusive colours which also come with integral brushes.

Not only are these great for touching up those little marks following fitting, they are perfect for painting unfinished wall stays (SM stay & hooked stay).

(22nd July 2016)

Summer special offer

To mark one of the hottest days of the year so far, the Cast Iron Radiator Centre has marked this occasion with its own "Sizzling Offer" by reducing the 460mm Traditional Column Design down to just £8.99 + VAT per section for a limited time only.

So in order to not miss out make sure you get your orders in soon, as this offer won’t be around forever!

(18th July 2016)

New paint curing facility

Cast Iron Radiator Centre has invested again and improved its radiator production facility by adding a new and improved area for curing all painted radiators.

cast iron radiators paint curing

The area will ensure that all radiators will be held at the required temperature, free from contamination whilst the paint is allowed to cure correctly.

This may not appear too exciting to the laymen, but to our team, it means that they have even better facilities prepare your order as we continue to strive to provide that highest quality radiators at the very best prices.

This coupled with the new improved packaging materials and customer information will mean that your radiators should arrive in first class condition every time.’

(23rd June 2016)

Replacement bush ends & gaskets available to order

You can now purchase replacement bush ends & gaskets to match our cast iron radiators. These are ideal replacements if they have been lost or damaged.

Simply click here and choose the item, colour & quantity you require. We will ship them out to you via our courier service.

(10th May 2016)

Fitting guidelines & pipe centre advice

We've added useful guidelines for fitting our cast iron radiators and advice for calculating pipe centres & maximum radiator widths.
Radiator Fitting Guidelines
Calculating Pipe Centres & Maximum Width of Radiators

(20th April 2016)

Faster cast iron radiator delivery

We have got our order to despatch lead time for all cast iron radiators ordered down to just 7-10 working days from 12-14 working days.

(27th January 2016)

Cast iron radiator price match guarantee

We now offer a Cast Iron Radiator Price Match Guarantee on all our cast iron radiators against the prices of the same items sold by other retailers.

We are confident that all products we sell are not only excellent quality, but that our cast iron radiator prices are the most competitive.

In the unlikely event that you find a Cast Iron Radiator (not other products) of the same specification cheaper elsewhere, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0800 294 8603 or email us through the Contact page and we will look to match the price offered.

We will ask you to provide a copy of the formal quotation from the other retailer for the product in question to ensure.

If we can confirm that the standard price of the cast iron radiator(s) is less for the same item, we will not hesitate to match the competitor’s price.

(14th August 2015)

Our Cast Iron Radiators Chosen for Concorde House

Cast Iron Radiator Centre were invited to supply cast iron radiators to an exclusive contemporary development in the heart of Birmingham city centre.

Cast Iron Radiator Centre were approached by the Elevate Property Group to supply vintage style Princess cast iron radiators and accessories, having been let down by another supplier at the last moment.

Concorde House is stunning conversion of an old 1930's warehouse in the city centre which has been brought back to life by being re-engineered & extensively refurbished.

Concorde House will consist of 15 loft style apartments and penthouses with roof terraces.

Each apartment has been carefully designed to offer a modern industrial feel giving the building a bright future in a vibrant area of the city.

The development boasts a blend of both original features and contemporary signature pieces give an aesthetic industrial grit and refinement.

The Cast Iron Radiator Centre is very please to play a small, but significant part in this stunning project.

(3rd July 2015)

ELLE Decoration

Cast Iron Radiator Centre is delighted to have been included in the latest edition of ELLE Decoration Secret Address directory. We are very happy, that after launching our new website just 6 months ago, we have been singled out as a trusted supplier of cast iron radiators across the UK & Europe. Click here to see the entry.

ELLE Decoration is where style lives. It is the ultimate guide to decorating and design and the indispensable go-to source for everyone who wants to create a more beautiful life. Being acknowledged by such a prestigious interior design magazine is a real bonus & rewards all the hard work we put into supplying great cast iron radiators at fantastic prices.

(20th March 2015)

Traditional Radiator & Victorian Radiator Ranges Updated

The Cast Iron Radiator Centre is delighted to have improved our range of Victorian radiators, Traditional & Old Fashioned radiators, Vintage radiators, Old Style school radiators, and Period radiators.

(13th March 2015)

Website Improvements

We’ve made some improvements to our cast iron radiator website to make the buying process even easier.

  • PayPal Express Checkout has been added to allow checkout without having to enter address details.
  • A 5% discount voucher is now automatically applied when purchasing radiators with total value of £2,000 or more.
  • An “Email basket” button has been added to the basket page to allow you to email the basket to yourself or a friend. The basket can be restored at any time by clicking the “Restore basket” button in the email.

(2nd March 2015)

The Autumn/Winter Season

The Autumn/Winter season has seen bumper sales for our cast iron radiators and accessories despite the warmer than average temperatures up to the end of October. Obviously, offering great value for money is key to many customers on tight budgets.

We are still taking orders for pre-Christmas delivery up to 7th December and this is despite a big spike in orders over the last few weeks. Our radiator department are working hard to meet everyone’s requirements to ensure a warm and cosy Christmas.

(5th December 2014)

Cast Iron Radiators Centre

Launch of our new bespoke cast iron radiator website.

(12th September 2014)

Our traditional radiators chosen for major Reading loft development

Due to their timeless industrial style, our traditional radiators have been chosen for a stunning collection of 14 New York loft style apartments and penthouses in Reading town centre.

(12th August 2014)

Our Cast Iron Radiators Cast In RSC’s Production of Hamlet

Showing the broad appeal of our cast iron radiators, we recently supplied some of these to the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) for use in their production of Hamlet.

(9th July 2014)

Cast Iron Radiators - Keeping JD Wetherspoon customers warm and cosy

For the past few years, through our relationship with several successful plumbing and mechanical service companies, we have been supplying its popular cast iron radiators to the JD WETHERSPOON Pub Chain.

As one of the the few companies bucking the 'gloom & doom' of the last few years, JD WETHERSPOON have stuck to an extensive programme which will look to open 250 new pubs over a five year period. This just proves that despite what the media say, we still need a great local pub to meet with friends to cheer us up.

We have supplied cast radiators to many of their pubs and new hotels all over England and Scotland in a variety of heights, widths and styles, but all exude the charm of a bygone era.

Whether we are supplying cast radiators to large pub chains or to individuals, we understand that all have tight deadlines to meet and budgets to stick to.

This however, does come with its own challenges. At Cast Iron Radiator Centre our focus on great customer service along with excellent communication with every customer, means that we are always endeavouring to be one step ahead in case we have to iron out any logistical issues or last minute changes our customers have, in order to keep every project on time and within budget.

(1st July 2014)

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