Calculating Radiator Pipe Centres & Maximum Width of Radiators

We always advise you to wait for your cast iron radiators to be onsite before working out pipe work and pipe centres widths. This is because cast iron is not an exact product and because each radiator is hand assembled there will always be slight discrepancies as indicated on each radiator page in the lengths of same style & size radiators.

However, we appreciate that occasionally some prep work may need to be carried out prior to your order arriving onsite and that approximate pipe centre measurements may be required for first fix purposes.

Therefore, and strictly as a guide only, we would say for the approximate pipe centres for each cast iron radiator, to add on the approximate measurements listed on the table below to the overall length of the radiator shown on the Specification tab.

Valve Pipe Centre's (measurements taken from end of thread to valve centre)*
Control Lockshield
Shipston 35mm 35mm
Arden 37.5mm 37.5mm
Loxley 40.5mm 40.5mm
Stratford 41.5mm 41.5mm
Meriden 42mm 42mm
Welford Lever Handle / Kenilworth / Barford 45mm 45mm
Warwick 49mm 49mm

For the approximate measurement off the skirting board or wall if no skirting is used to the Pipe Centre we suggest half the depth of the cast iron radiator + 10mm as a minimum.

For the approximate ‘outside valve to outside valve measurement’ (the minimum measurement to be able to operate the valves freely) you should add approx 150mm/6.0” to the length indicated for each radiator in the Specification tab, however this measurement will vary depending on the valve that is fitted - this measurement should be used if fitting the radiator and valves into an area where there may be a width restriction.


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