Calculate your room's BTU requirement

Choosing the right radiator can help towards reducing your energy bills, for example, a radiator which is too large will increase bills unnecessarily, but too small a radiator will be too cold and will be constantly running at maximum.

By performing a Heat Loss/BTU Calculation, you can establish a guide as to what size radiator is required for a particular room taking into account certain factors.

This ensures that your rooms will be heated comfortably and efficiently and hopefully saving you money!

We would always recommend where possible choosing a radiator with an output slightly higher than what is required as you can always decrease the temperature it gives out, but you can’t increase its maximum output.

If needed, you can control the heat output using thermostatic (TRV) valves.

Please note: Heat Loss/BTU Calculations are only guide and are based on information you provide. The Heating Loss/BTU Calculator can only process the most common factors that affect heat loss and may not take into account all factors relating to your particular requirements. Therefore any results provided, should, as already stated, be used as a guide. We would always recommend a qualified heating engineer or plumber check your results. We cannot accept any liability for any errors resulting from the estimates given.

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