Why Cast Iron Radiators Are Making a Comeback

A quick search on Instagram or Pinterest will reveal the full extent of the current demand for cast iron radiators. What was once seen as a purely functional item is now becoming a part of the decor. And the growing interest in renovating and restoring period properties is only adding fuel to this fire.

It wasn’t long ago that property developers were ripping out old cast iron radiators in favour of modern, slimline radiators. Scrap yards were once full of the old radiators that homeowners had removed in an attempt to modernise their homes.

Thankfully, classic design always stands the test of time, and cast iron radiators are making a considerable comeback. It also seems that this trend is here to stay as homeowners are increasingly turning their backs on modern convection radiators in favour of beautiful period designs. Let’s explore this comeback in a little more detail…

Stylish and functional

Perhaps the biggest driving force behind the return of cast iron radiators is that they are simply enduringly stylish.

They went out of style as homeowners wanted thinner, wall-mounted radiators that would heat up quickly. Modern radiators were also designed to blend in, often painted white and placed on white walls to conceal them.

Now, we’re seeing more homeowners make bolder design choices with their radiators. Radiators are not purely functional but can also be a focal point for a room. There is also greater appreciation for the efficiency of cast iron radiators which heat up gradually and hold their heat for much longer.

cast iron radiators making a comeback with obey picture

There is a timeless quality to a cast iron radiator that appears to transcend the trends. You can pair a cast iron radiator with period, modern or industrial styles with ease. So while they might be incredibly popular with those homeowners renovating period homes, this is not the only place we are seeing them installed.

cast iron radiators making a comeback in bedroom

Versatile and adaptable

With so many different styles available, you can always find a cast iron radiator for every space in your home, no matter how awkward you might think it is. Cast iron radiators can be short, tall, long or wide. They are also available in a range of colours, allowing you to match or contrast the styles in your home.

Pro tip: When switching from traditional radiators to cast iron radiators, always use the BTU calculator for the space rather than simply switching like-for-like. Your hallway might have a 1.5m long panel radiator, but if you make a direct switch to a 1.5m long cast iron radiator, the chances are you’ll turn your hallway into a furnace.

More efficient

Another reason for the rise in interest in cast iron radiators is the improved efficiency of cast iron as a heat conductor. Cast iron radiators heat up more slowly and then release the heat over a longer period. This can help to put less strain on your central heating, allowing you to use it more efficiently.

When paired with thermostatic valves and smart heating controls, your central heating system can become incredibly efficient. And when the cost of living is on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to drive down bills without sacrificing comfort.

Post-pandemic trends

During the pandemic, we all got to spend more time at home, and this led many of us to look for ways to improve rather than move. With a newfound appreciation for home decor and DIY, many homeowners have carried this passion over into the post-pandemic world.

We might not be stuck at home anymore, but we’re still a nation of interior design lovers, and many of us want to create truly unique spaces. Appetite for DIY and home decor has remained strong following the easing of restrictions. This could be down to more of us working from home, which offers more motivation to create the “dream home”.

cast iron radiators making a comeback with sofa

Better for allergy sufferers

Did you know that cast iron radiators are better for those suffering from dust allergies. Modern radiators work on a convection system and rely on circulating air (and dust) around the room.

Cast iron radiators heat up slowly and release the heat slowly, which means they radiate heat around them rather than circulating the air. This means they have less impact on air circulation and this can help to limit the movement of dust in the air.

cast iron radiators making a comeback with dog

The social media effect

We’ve seen an incredible increase in the number of individuals and couples creating social media accounts and sharing their renovation stories. This means there is no shortage of inspiration for those looking for new ideas for their home.

Social media offers education about how to choose your cast iron radiators. It also offers inspiration for how to style them and incorporate them into any space. We love seeing your home transformations with cast iron radiators taking centre stage.

These are just some of our favourite home interior accounts to follow:

Ready to make the switch?

If you’re charmed by this trend, we can help you make the switch from boring panel radiators to stunning cast iron radiators with ease.

Start with our BTU calculator, so you can see how big your radiator needs to be for the space. We also share our thoughts on cast iron radiator sizing here.

Next, shop the incredible range of radiators available in simple and ornate styles. There are also plenty of cast iron radiator colours to choose from. Not sure which one is right for you? Get in touch with our team for helpful advice.

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