Short Princess 2 Column 560mm Cast Iron Radiator

12 Section Front View of 12 Section 6 Section Front View of 6 Section FINISH OPTIONS Black Primer Only Cream White Paint Finish Antique Bronze Paint Finish Gunmetal Grey Paint Finish Satin Black Paint Finish Matt Black Finish Black Primer Close Up Bright and Fresh (courtesy of @ninathomasstudio at Instagram)

£20.00 per section

£24.00 inc. VAT


Quality Short Princess/School cast iron radiator taken from an original design. Manufactured using traditional techniques and guaranteed for 10 years.

Height is 560mm from floor to top of radiator.

All radiators supplied fully assembled to maximum widths shown.

Distance from floor to centre of valve inlet/bush is 100mm.

Also available in a tall version.

Key Points
  • Stylish design with chunky columns.
  • Simple lines offering timeless elegance.
  • Would enhance both period and contemporary interiors.
  • Two large columns providing great heat output.
  • Fully assembled and ready to fit.
  • Pressure tested to 6 bar/87psi.
  • Guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Integral feet.
  • ½" 15mm BSP connections for main valves.
  • Free basic brass bleed valve.
  • Available ready painted in one of six great colours.
  • All cast iron radiators supplied CE Certified to British Standards BS EN 442-1 & BS EN 442-2.
  • Heat outputs are at Delta T50 (ΔT50°C). See FAQ page for correction factors.

In order to assist and advise our customers, it is important to note, as all our radiators are cast using traditional methods and casting moulds, there will be slight imperfections and fettling marks on our radiators and this is how we have always wanted to supply them.

This is because we are passionate about wanting to supply our cast iron radiators which have the appearance and authenticity of being many many decades old, but with the features and guarantees associated with that of a modern radiator.

An important point to note for some..... The lighter the colour of your radiator the more these slight marks will possibly be noticed due to shadowing etc and the lighter colours such as Cream White are likely to require touching up more often to keep free from accidental scuffs and knocks.

On the other hand, for obvious reasons, the darker the colour, the more forgiving and less likely these marks will be noticed and as such, these are much easier to ensure the always look in 'Tip Top' condition.

For full specification see Specification tab below.

Most recent customer reviews

by Sue on 11 June 2021

Absolutely beautiful such fantastic quality we love them. Ordering more very soon thankyou.

by Anonymous on 25 February 2021

Excellent service, high quality radiators at a sensible price. Good communication of the process and delivery of the goods

by Michelle on 12 September 2020

This is a fantastic radiator, great quality and looks great in our lounge room

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* Height is for foot section from floor to top of radiator.
All lengths approximate and include to bush ends - please allow 4% tolerance.

Standard finish to all cast iron radiators is a cellulose based BLACK primer.

The lead time from order placed to despatch for all radiator orders will be shown at checkout a. We will obviously ship sooner if order complete.

We can also supply this cast radiator ready painted/top coated in an authentic colour for only £5.50 + VAT per section.

The following exclusive colours are available:

  • Gunmetal Grey
  • Satin Black
  • Cream White
  • Antique Bronze
  • Matt Black

As the radiators are hand assembled, all dimensions are approximate. We therefore advise that pipework should only be put in place once the radiator has been delivered.

Bush Ends
All bush ends/caps will only be hand tight to allow customers to interchange if on a gravity fed heating system & will need fitting correctly when installed with PTFE etc.

Accessories & Bleed Valves
All Fittings (Valves, Wall stays, Shrouds etc) ordered will be placed in a box located on top of the top radiator. Air Vents/bleed valves will be in an SEALED ORANGE BAG inside this bow with a bright yellow sticker stating 'Bleed Valves Enclosed'. You MUST check it's content upon delivery & report any missing items immediately.

Guarantees & Conditons of Sale etc.
Guarantees & Conditions of Sale - Click Here!

Radiator Fitting Guidelines

  • Appropriate dosing tool must be used and water subsequently tested to ensure correct levels of inhibitor are added to match the total water content of your system. This should be recorded for future reference. Failure to do so will invalidate any warranty offered.
  • In addition to the above, it is always important to remember that every time your heating system is drained down for repairs/alterations/decorating etc, Inhibitor will need to be re-introduced again to the correct dosing level.
  • To comply with BS 7593:2019, inhibitor levels should be checked annually and recorded. BS 7593:2019 also states that after 5 years systems should either be re-dosed, or a laboratory test performed. Failure to do the above will invalidate your warranty.
  • If you have a sealed/pressurised system, once the correct amount of inhibitor is added to the system, it should remain active for the life span given by the manufacturer or until the system is drained.
  • If you have a vented/open system, then is it wise to regularly check that the inhibitor in the system is at correct levels as evaporation may affect levels over time.
  • Lastly, we always recommend that suitable trained/qualified individuals install and maintain your heating system.
  • All bush ends/caps will only be hand tight to allow customers to interchange if on a gravity fed heating system and need fitting correctly when installed.
  • A common cause of leaks is over tightening of the valve tails into the bush ends of the radiator. Over tightening will crack the bush. When fitting the valve tail into the bush, turn it finger tight, then using a spanner turn it until there is only moderate resistance. Using a 4” spanner it is difficult to over tighten. A thread sealant must be applied to the radiator end caps and to the valve tail threads to get a water tight seal. LSX sealant, which is available at most plumbers’ merchants, is recommended. PTFE tape is an acceptable alternative. The torque from an 8” adjustable spanner will be sufficient to create a good seal.
  • All valves and air vents/bleed valves to be fitted with an LSX sealant or PTFE tape.
  • NO caustic/corrosive/acidic plumbing compounds or liquids are to be used on or in any part of our radiators, our valves, or connections including aggressive flushing agents. Failure to not adhere to this will invalidate your guarantee.
  • On commissioning, the water in the system MUST BE tested and if required, neutralised correctly following the use of any compounds etc if required using appropriate crystals or similar.
  • If your system requires flushing, we recommend the use of Fernox F5 followed by the use of F1 rust inhibitor, which unlike other chemicals are not acid based and should not affect seals. After treatments the water should be checked for a neutral PH between 7 - 8.5. System design, flushing and dosing must be in accordance with B5449, 1990. BS EN 12828: 2003 and BS 7593:2019.
  • Following this procedure, the system must be closed with a sufficient Corrosive Inhibitor suitable for the water quality in your system. Dosing tools must be used to ensure the minimum correct levels of inhibitor are present at all times to prevent corrosion and should take into account the particular metals within the system.
  • Appropriate inhibitor should be used in conjunction with manufacturer’s instructions and appropriate quantities must be used for the water content of the system. Failure to do so will invalidate your guarantee.
  • The use of water softener in the heating system can cause problems with the gasket seal and will invalidate any guarantee offered.

Guarantees & Condition of Sale

Our Cast Iron Radiators are guaranteed for a period of 10 years, Valves for 2 years and all other products (excluding reclaimed products or where specified) for 1 year from the date of the Purchaser’s invoice to be free from any manufacturing defects. The Company will replace any goods found faulty due to manufacturing or workmanship defects, free of charge within this period, subject to the following exceptions:

  • If the defect arises as a result of wilful damage, negligence, misuse, abnormal working conditions, failure due to incorrect installation or failure to follow our instructions;
  • If the buyer alters or repairs such products without our written consent;
  • If the buyer has not paid the Contract price for the Products by the payment date.

Defective goods will be repaired or replaced subject to the following conditions:

  • The Buyer provides proof of original purchase and written notice of the defect immediately;
  • The company reserves the right to change only the defective part or section of a sectional radiator;
  • Consequential loss - the company is not liable to any consequential loss caused directly or indirectly by any defect in its goods including any costs of labour incurred by the Purchaser;
  • The benefit of this warranty is given to the first retailer purchaser of the goods and is not assignable.

We always advise you to wait for your cast iron radiators to be onsite before working out pipe work and pipe centres widths. This is because cast iron is not an exact product and because each radiator is hand assembled there will always be slight discrepancies as indicated on each radiator page in the lengths of same style & size radiators.

However, we appreciate that occasionally some prep work may need to be carried out prior to your order arriving onsite and that approximate pipe centre measurements may be required for first fix purposes.

Therefore, and strictly as a guide only, we would say for the approximate pipe centres for each cast iron radiator to add approx 90mm/3.5” to the overall length shown on the Specification tab. E.g. if the length indicated for a radiator is approximately 650mm then the approximate pipe centres will 740mm & so on.

For the approximate measurement off the skirting board or wall if no skirting is used to the Pipe Centre we suggest half the depth of the cast iron radiator + 10mm as a minimum.

For the approximate ‘outside valve to outside valve measurement’ (the minimum measurement to be able to operate the valves freely) you should add approx 150mm/6.0” to the length indicated for each radiator in the Specification tab. E.g. if the length indicated for a radiator is 650mm then the approximate measurement from the outside of one valve to the outside of the opposite valve will be 800mm.


DELIVERY LEAD TIMES - Lead times may need to be revised periodically without notice to meet demand at busy times, but we will always do our utmost to keep to stated times.

All radiator pallet deliveries are made on a 7.5t Lorry (the smallest vehicle we can book) with tail lift to kerb side only or nearest hard standing and are based on a 'Book In & Signed For' All Day service (9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. - Week days only).

Once the order has been booked out for despatch, you will receive status emails periodically from Mobile People Powered Logistics (Mobile PPL), our delivery partner, to confirm receipt of the order, confirmation of the pallet being scanned to a delivery vehicle (with ETA), and then confirmation of delivery completed.

Alternative ‘All Day’ dates will be available at no additional cost to suit.

Upgraded to services such as Next Day delivery, Dedicated Day a.m. or p.m., timed delivery windows and Saturday deliveries where available are available for an additional charge to be paid .

RED ROUTES & RESTRICTIVE PARKING - Please note drivers are unable to park on double yellow or red lines due to the risk of a parking ticket.

ACCESS - Please inform us if there are any access restrictions at your delivery point (such as 7.5T weight restrictions or height restricted bridges).

If you require a 'Dedicated Day' (working week day) for delivery to ensure you have help to hand you must indicate this in the message box at checkout. Please note that this may delay delivery slightly. This will still be a kerb side only or nearest hard standing service. For Saturday delivery, there will be an additional charges on top of the standard delivery charge quoted if this service is available.

We must stress that a Pallet Delivery Service is always kerbside only. The drivers are not insured to assist you with any aspect of moving the goods from the kerbside. This is to remove any potential risk of personal injury or damage to your goods, or your property. We remind you that it is not in your interest to encourage a driver to assist you in any way that falls outside of his responsibility. If, in the event the driver does agree to assist you, we assume you accept full responsibility for any subsequent damage to any person, or property and by doing so you will void any right to make a subsequent Insurance claim.

Care should be taken when removing radiator(s) from the pallet on delivery. Radiators should be lifted off and NOT dragged/pulled as this will result in paintwork being damaged. When removed from the pallet, all radiators must be carried in an upright position to prevent damaged to joints.

If any items are deemed to be missing from any order, we must be contacted immediately (not longer than 2 days from receipt) via email. Failure to do so will result in additional items supplied being charged to the customer. We cannot be held responsible for any consequential costs incurred due to any shortfalls which have not been notified within the timescales above.

Prices for deliveries will be automatically calculated at checkout. Pallet Delivery Prices & Conditions - Click Here!

Reviews  31  

 Review by:

New radiators

Absolutely beautiful such fantastic quality we love them. Ordering more very soon thankyou.

 Review by:

Excellent service, high quality radiators at a sensible price. Good communication of the process and delivery of the goods

 Review by:

This is a fantastic radiator, great quality and looks great in our lounge room

 Review by:

Short Princess 2 Column 560mm Cast Iron Radiator

These radiators are beautiful, particularly in an old Victorian house. They arrived in good time and the driver very helpful. Even though these are small radiators, they are really heavy. Excellent price and service from CIRC.

 Review by:

Loving our radiator

All good, delivery fine. Once installed it is belting out the heat and looks so smart. Would recommend.

 Review by:

Delighted with our purchase it looks stunning especially with the brass fittings.

 Review by:

Worth every penny

This was the second room Iíve added cast iron rads into and chose these due to the height. They fit perfectly in our Victorian house and are a real statement. We went for 2 x 13 column to add a real wow to the room. They are very heavy but this was expected. They are a must and great value for money.

 Review by:

Very Happy

This is the second radiator we have ordered. Really impressed with the radiator and service on both occasions.

 Review by:

Hot and heavy!!!

So happy with these classic looking radiators. Had the whole house fitted with central heating and these rads throughout. The quality for the price is excellent and the heat they give out is fantastic. You're hard pressed to find this type of rad cheaper anywhere else. We went for a mixture of short and tall depending on room size and placement area. Very happy with the CIRC service and communication throughout. Two things I would note, firstly they are bloody heavy so make sure you have enough help to move them. Secondly if you find you need to add or remove sections dont forget you can buy a tool from CIRC to remove or add. We found 1 rad was to long for the area it was intended, not a problem if you have the tool as you can just take a section out.

 Review by:

Cast iron princess radiators

I have had several of these installed in my Victorian property over the past few years. They are beautiful pieces and always get lots of comments. They also keep the house toasty and warm so winning all round. Very happy with them and the customer service from CIRC which has always been great even when weíve had minor issues (one of our thermostatic valves was faulty but no quibbles they replaced it and refunded my postage). Only thing Iíd be aware of is the curb side drop which is a pain if you havenít got an army of strong people to heft them inside! We ordered thermostatic valves and chrome bleed valves with the radiators (as well as pipe shrouds and wall fixers) which really finish them off beautifully. Really really happy with the overall look.

 Review by:

Classic Looking Radiator

Very pleased, classic classy look perfectly suited to the Oak Frame House Build!

 Review by:

Excellent service and product

This is my second radiator that I have purchased and this one was installed in our lounge after the "warming experience" of the one in our renovated bedroom
There is just no comparison with normal steel panel radiator, both in looks and heat efficiency. The ability for cast iron radiators to slowly release heat and keep a lovely constant warm temperature must not be underestimated.
Would highly recommend Cast Iron Radiator Co

 Review by:


I ordered this princess short radiator as I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It was made in a very timely manner and is absolutely amazing. Everyone who comes to the house comments on it
Iím so happy with it. Cast iron radiator centre gets a massive thumbs up from me and would highly recommend them

 Review by:

Lovely radiator

Lovely radiator, looks great in my dining room and exactly the look we wanted. Really good quality, be warned these are very heavy! Makes the room really really warm. Excellent delivery, emailed when despatched and then a local courier company contacted me to arrange delivery. Would not hesitate to order more from this company.

 Review by:


Very pleased with this - it has transformed my room and added a little bit of 'industrial chic' to my lounge. Longer to heat up than a standard rad, but the pay-off is that it remains hot, long after the heating has gone off. Planning to buy more, very happy.

 Review by:

Lovely radiator

I ordered the Short Princess 2 column 560mm radiator painted in pewter and collected it to save delivery costs, as I lived nearby. It's worth visiting if you can, as the architectural yard they have is full of great stuff (I bought an oak coal skuttle as well as the radiator).

The style and finish are fantastic - it really looks good in my Art Deco furnished home.

Be prepared for how heavy the radiators are though! This was relatively small, at only 1 metre long, but was very tiring getting it up to the third floor flat where I live.

However, it is worth it. I had it installed yesterday and it looks so much better than the steel panel raditor it replaced. It throws off enough heat as well, thanks to the BTGU / size calculator provided by the website.

 Review by:

Excellent cast iron radiator

Have just ordered 8 of these in different sizes for my home - they are seriously heavy handsome pieces of kit. Really high quality and well finished (in gunmetal grey). All the accessories were also top quality - saved at least 50% on the items at the plumbers trade counter. Very good customer services. Highly recommend this company and product

 Review by:


What a lovely solid radiator and at such a great price (bought 2 in sale). Excellent quality and colour, delivered at a time to suit me. Great customer service too.

 Review by:


What a lovely solid radiator and at such a great price (bought 2 in sale). Excellent quality and colour, delivered at a time to suit me. Great customer service too.

 Review by:

Product & Support


I'd just like to share my feedback from my recent order.

I was thoroughly impressed with both the product and the service I received from you guys. When I had technical questions about how to paint the radiators myself, or how to attach a wall stay, you were quick and happy to help me. When I also had a technical problem with one of our radiators, you quickly sent out a replacement part for free and this was really great to see - out of all the suppliers we've used during our house refurb, you've been by far the best to work with, so many thanks for that.

I'll be sure to order from you guys again when we need some more cast iron radiators.

Thanks again,

 Review by:

Antique bronze radiator

Lovely radiator. No hassle when ordering oand delivered suited me. Excellent company to deal with.

 Review by:

Love it

We ordered this and it looks brilliant in real life so glad we bought it.

 Review by:

Looks good in the kitchen dining room heat output is excellent. Couldn't be more pleased.

 Review by:

Lovely radiator. Simple, quick and efficient service.

 Review by:


Perfect to heat my small basement room exactly as described.

 Review by:

Excellent Radiators and first class servie

We are renovating a double cottage and these radiators were perfect. Wanted a little industrial look whilst maintaining a cottage feel, these radiators are amazing. Service was excellent from start to finish and would certainly recommend this company to friends.

 Review by:

Short Princess Iron Radiator

Great style, just what we wanted and looks good spayed in the gun metal grey

 Review by:

Really good looking 'accessory' for a room

The radiator looks fantastic and really adds a nice touch in our old terraced house

 Review by:

Very Happy Customer

Really pleased with our new rads and they look great in the room!

 Review by:

Excellent Quality & Customer Service

We bought 2 Princess Column radiators and valves and accessories for all the radiators in our house - we couldn't be more pleased with the quality and look of everything. Customer service from Peter and the team was also fantastic - extremely helpful. Thanks guys!

 Review by:

Princess short rad

Great value radiator & it looks just the part now its been fitted.

Will be coming back for soon.

Thanks again

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